Valeriy Pushnya, PhD

Partner, Financial Service Executive Development

Valeriy Pushnya is a beacon in the financial sector, with a career spanning over two decades. Esteemed for his prowess in rejuvenating businesses and guiding trading teams through tumultuous periods, he serves as RESILIGENT’s Partner for Financial Service Executive Development. In this pivotal role, Valeriy leverages his profound knowledge and insights, ensuring that our clients have access to world-class expertise.

Financial Service Though Leadership

Valeriy illustrious career is marked by significant roles, including board-level positions, in three premier investment banks. This experience has endowed him with a holistic understanding of the intricacies of banks, markets, and regulatory frameworks. His impactful stints at institutions like Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse are testament to his visionary strategies, adept post-crisis restructuring, and an unwavering commitment to excellence..

Cross-Cultural Exposure & Expertise

With a global footprint, having managed teams across continents, Valeriy is adept at overseeing projects that span diverse cultural landscapes. His leadership philosophy emphasises a deep-seated understanding of client needs, crafting bespoke solutions, and fostering sustained client engagements.

Industry Legacy of Mentoring & Coaching

Valeriy’s passion for talent development is evident in his mentoring initiatives. In 2004, he spearheaded a graduate recruitment programme, unearthing talents who now hold senior positions in leading banks. His characterised by blunt honesty, challenging leaders to remain true to themselves and their values. 

Signature Programmes:

His signature programmes for RESILIGENT include:

  1. Decision Making Under Uncertainty: A comprehensive exploration of risk management.
  2. Knives Out: Strategies for adeptly managing top-tier professionals.
  3. Destroying the Babel: Leading and harmonising diverse, cross-cultural teams.
  4. Pictures of Purpose: A quest to rediscover professional purpose.

Educational Prowess

Valeriy’s academic journey is a blend of depth and distinction. He earned his PhD from the University of Maryland at College Park, further enhancing his academic brilliance. Additionally, he holds a Master of Science in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HEC Paris and the University of Oxford, where he graduated with High Distinction. This robust educational foundation, combined with hands-on transformational experiences, cements his position as a luminary in executive development.


Valeriy’s philosophy marries incisive analytical skills with rich interpersonal dynamics. He is dedicated to talent discovery, mentorship, and ensuring businesses are fortified to navigate challenging terrains. His association with RESILIGENT reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise to our esteemed clientele.


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