Opeyemi Bello

Business Development & Client Management Lead for Africa

Opeyemi Bello – A business growth and client management specialist, is a professional with a substantial background in driving business expansion, fostering client partnerships, and implementing strategic sales initiatives. Her role at RESILIGENT is pivotal in enhancing client assurance and promoting sustained business growth across the region.

Opeyemi holds a first degree in History and International Relations and a Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy, equipping her with a broad international outlook essential for her role. She is fluent in English and possesses intermediate proficiency in French, skills that are invaluable in her specialisation across various industries. Her significant contribution to revenue generation is a testament to her expertise in sales.

In addition to her sales acumen, Opeyemi is certified in project management, customer relationship management, human resources, and management. These qualifications, coupled with her practical experience, are instrumental in forging lasting relationships and propelling business growth in the region. Her in-depth knowledge of the African market positions RESILIGENT as a reliable partner for businesses throughout the continent.

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