Akin Olunloyo

Partner Global Change

Akin Olunloyo is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of global change management.  As the Partner overseeing RESILIGENT’s Global Change & Consulting practice, Akin focuses on transformative initiatives that span the globe. His commitment ensures our clients are equipped with the bespoke strategies and support they need to navigate change and create lasting impact.

A Legacy of Transformation

Akin’s journey in change management is marked by a series of successful strategic, operational, regulatory, and business transformation projects, primarily within the financial services sector. His ability to lead front-to-back change initiatives across diverse business areas, break down complex problems, and bridge gaps between various business functions is unparalleled.

Expertise in Change Management

Akin’s expertise encompasses various change management areas, including regulatory, operational, organisational, cultural, and business-driven changes. His proficiency in project management, Target Operating Model (TOM) design, communication, strategic design, process modelling, stakeholder management, and budget management sets him apart in the industry.

Recent Engagement Highlights

Akin’s recent engagements showcase his versatility and depth of experience. From designing and implementing a change management strategy for Gatwick Airport to setting up a new business function compliant with MiFID II regulations, Akin’s contributions have been pivotal. His role in transitioning over $8bn of funds and assets from Coutts to Blackrock and his involvement in the ICB Ring-fencing Programme further underscore his expertise.

Educational and Professional Excellence

Akin’s academic credentials testify to his commitment to continuous learning. With an MSc in Change & Consultancy from Birkbeck, University of London, and an MSc in Information Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester, Akin has fortified his practical experience with a solid academic foundation. His professional certifications, including PRINCE II Practitioner and ISEB Business Analysis, further enhance his profile.


Akin believes in the transformative power of change. He understands that the ability to adapt and innovate is crucial in a rapidly evolving global landscape. At RESILIGENT, Akin’s leadership ensures that our clients are prepared for change and positioned to leverage it for growth and success.

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