The Five Behaviors

Foster Team Excellence with RESILIGENT: Unleashing Success through the Five Behaviors Framework

Are Effectively Functioning Teams Important To You?

At RESILIGENT, we take pride in our role as Authorised Everything DiSC Partner and Five Behavior Specialists in Nigeria, collaborating to empower organisations across the nation. Our collaboration empowers organisations to transform team dynamics, cultivate productive work cultures, and achieve unparalleled success.

Five Behavior Specialists in Nigeria

Why Choose the Five Behaviors?

As an Authorised Everything DiSC Partner and Five Behavior Specialists in Nigeria in Nigeria, we understand the significance of building vulnerability-based trust within teams. The Five Behaviors framework is rooted in the groundbreaking work of Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. It offers a unique approach to team development that addresses the core challenges teams face:

  1. Trust – Building vulnerability-based trust.
  2. Conflict – Mastering constructive conflict.
  3. Commitment – Achieving commitment to decisions.
  4. Accountability – Embracing peer-to-peer accountability.
  5. Results – Focusing on collective results.

When teams utilise the Five Behaviors framework, they experience a multitude of benefits that enhance their overall performance, collaboration, and workplace culture. By partnering with us as The Five Behavior Specialists in Nigeria, organisations unlock the potential for transformation in team dynamics. Here’s what teams can gain from using the Five Behaviors:

Empowering Teams for Success: Unlocking Growth through the Five Behaviors Framework at RESILIGENT

By fostering vulnerability-based trust, team members feel safe to express their opinions, admit mistakes, and ask for help without fear of judgment or retribution..
Teams learn to engage in productive debates and discussions, valuing diverse perspectives and ensuring all voices are heard. This leads to better decision-making and innovation.

With transparent communication, teams align on decisions and hold each other responsible for actions and outcomes, reducing the need for external oversight.
Teams prioritise shared goals over individual achievements, ensuring cohesive progress and reduced internal competition.
Trust and openness break down communication barriers, leading to higher engagement, motivation, and effective interactions among team members.
The framework promotes personal and professional development, enhancing interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities within team members.

Assessment Services: Comprehensive team assessments to identify strengths and areas of improvement.
Training Workshops: Tailored workshops to delve deep into each of the five behaviors, providing actionable insights and strategies.
Coaching: One-on-one and group coaching sessions to guide team leaders and members in implementing the Five Behaviors framework effectively.
Consultation: Strategic consultations to integrate the Five Behaviors into your organisational culture and processes.

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