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Is Your Organisation Geared To Succeed In The New Normal?

In today’s post-pandemic corporate landscape, with new workplace values emerging, retaining staff and staying competitive is more challenging than ever, with leaders needing to adapt their approach significantly.

To stay ahead, companies must focus on building self-awareness, fostering effective communication and strengthening relationships within their teams. As an Authorised Everything DiSC partner in Nigeria, we understand the importance of equipping organisations with the right team development tools.

Everything DiSC® offers a suite of personal development learning experiences that measure an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.

Unlock your organisation’s full potential with the Everything DiSC® assessment suite – the ultimate tool for understanding and improving workplace interactions. With a comprehensive set of personality assessments focusing on four main behaviour styles, Everything DiSC® can be used in team building, management training and leadership development programmes. Trusted by leading organisations for over 30 years, it is the go-to solution for driving success, improving communication and fostering a desirable work environment. 

Whether for individual development planning or coaching, Everything DiSC® assessments provide self-awareness, effective communication, and stronger relationships in the workplace, ultimately increasing productivity, customer service, team cohesion and decision-making and boosting profitability. As your Everything DiSC partner in Nigeria, we offer tailored solutions for individual development planning or coaching.

The Everything DiSC® Application Suite

Using the DiSC® model, the organisation has built seven distinct learning applications using a transformational learning approach. These end-to-end learning experiences are rich with “aha!” moments that inspire behavior change

Each  distinct application is designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on the  performance of people and the cultures of organisations.  

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Take It Further With Everything DiSC® CATALYST

As Now no matter where your people are working, they can access the magic of Everything DiSC® on a new platform we call Catalyst. The Everything DiSC® Catalyst Platform is a one-stop personality awareness learning platform for your staff to engage, learn, gain insights & have fun.

Catalyst integrates DiSC® into the workflow to give users real-time access to their DiSC® style through a personalised narrative-style behavioural profile that includes videos, podcasts, and other media to enhance learning. It aims to deepen self-understanding, give learners an insight into their preferences and tendencies, and lay the foundation for a transformational learning experience.

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