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Data-Driven Psychometric Testing

RESILIGENT, certified in Hogan and Gallup assessments and a partner of Everything DiSC, excels in providing insightful psychometric testing for effective workforce development.
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Unlocking Global Potential: Culturally-Informed Personality Assessments with RESILIGENT.

At RESILIGENT, our psychometric testing services encompass a range of assessments, including Hogan and DiSC® tests, tailored for diverse global contexts. Our assessments are designed to unlock transformative change by providing deep insights into individual strengths, team dynamics, and leadership development, ensuring holistic growth.
Comprehensive Personality Assessments: Dynamic Insights for Organisational Culture. Our suite of personality assessments offers in-depth understanding of individual preferences, strengths, and growth areas, enhancing psychometric evaluation strategies. These insights are crucial in shaping team dynamics and organizational culture, particularly in diverse settings across the UK, Nigeria, and broader Africa.

Customised Assessment Solutions: Aligning Assessments with Organisational Goals. We tailor our assessments for various purposes, including recruitment, team building, and leadership development, encompassing psychological evaluation methods. Our approach ensures that assessments are not only accurate but also resonate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, enhancing their relevance and effectiveness.
Analytics and Reporting: Actionable Insights for Decision-Making. Our assessments are complemented by detailed analysis and reporting, providing actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making, vital for psychometric testing in Nigeria. This data-driven approach is pivotal in fostering growth and achieving excellence in both individual and organisational contexts.
Recruitment Assessments: Enhancing Hiring with Hogan Tools. At RESILIGENT, we utilise Hogan Assessments, including the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), and Hogan Development Survey (HDS), to revolutionise the recruitment process. These personality assessment tests provide deep insights into candidates' personalities, values, and potential risk factors, enabling organisations to streamline their recruitment process and select candidates who not only have the right skills but also align with the company's culture and values. Additionally, our advanced Leadership Forecast Series offers a comprehensive approach to identifying leadership potential, ensuring that organisations make informed decisions when hiring for leadership roles.
Team Building Assessments: Strengthening Teams with Five Behaviours. In our team building initiatives, we incorporate the Five Behaviours model to foster cohesive and effective teams. Psychometric testing in Nigeria helps in understanding team dynamics, enhancing trust, encouraging healthy conflict, achieving commitment, fostering accountability, and focusing on collective results. By leveraging psychometric testing in Nigeria, we assist organisations in building teams that are not only high-performing but also aligned with organisational goals and values.
Leadership Development: Empowering Leaders with Self-Insight. Our assessments provide leaders with critical insights into their leadership style, strengths, and areas for development. These personality assessment strategies empower them to lead with greater confidence, clarity, and effectiveness, inspiring and guiding their teams towards success.
Global and Culturally-Informed Approach: Tailoring Assessments for Diverse Contexts. Drawing from our rich experience across Africa and Europe, we ensure our assessments consider cultural nuances, enhancing their accuracy and deep resonance with individuals from diverse backgrounds, a key principle of psychometric testing company approaches.
Data-Driven Psychometric Testing
Personalised Insights Powered by Everything DiSC®
One of the exclusive Authorised Everything DiSC® Partners in Africa, RESILIGENT stands at the forefront of professional development and training. Our expertise in Everything DiSC® empowers us to provide exceptional training and certification programmes, tailored to the diverse needs of the African market. We specialise in harnessing the power of DiSC® assessments to enhance workplace communication, leadership, and team dynamics, offering transformative benefits that drive organisational growth and personal development. Trust RESILIGENT to be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your team with globally recognised and locally adapted solutions.

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HOGAN Assessments

Hogans, renowned for its precision in predicting job performance, stands as a beacon in providing a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s day-to-day personality and potential derailers under stress. This cutting-edge assessment tool delves deep into the intricacies of personal traits, shedding light on how individuals navigate professional challenges, collaborate within teams, and respond to stressors. By offering nuanced insights, Hogans empowers organizations to make informed decisions, create tailored development strategies, and ensure that individuals are not only well-suited for their roles but also equipped to thrive in diverse and demanding work environments. In the dynamic landscape of talent management, Hogans sets the standard for unlocking the full potential of individuals and fostering a workplace where strengths shine and challenges are met with resilience.

The Five Behaviors®

The Five Behaviors®, a distinctive tool in the realm of team dynamics, serves as a compass for assessing an individual’s approach to teamwork, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Tailored to unravel the intricacies of interpersonal interactions within a team setting, this tool becomes indispensable for organizations committed to fostering harmonious team dynamics. By delving into how individuals navigate collaborative efforts, communicate, and address conflicts, The Five Behaviors® provides actionable insights for cultivating a workplace culture that thrives on synergy and cooperation. In the pursuit of high-performance teams, this tool emerges as an essential guide, enabling organizations to build resilient teams that not only meet but exceed expectations through cohesive collaboration and effective conflict resolution strategies.

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