Elevate Your Professional Journey: Personalized Coaching for Unleashing Potential

Expert-Led Coaching Services

RESILIGENT's coaching, led by globally certified professionals, focuses on enhancing leadership and interpersonal skills for organisational growth.
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RESILIGENT Coaching: Empowering Professional Excellence

At RESILIGENT, we offer personalized coaching that integrates data-driven insights with deep human intelligence. Our coaches, accredited by ICF, EMCC, and other regulatory bodies, bring over 15 years of industry experience to guide professionals at all levels, from individual growth to team dynamics, ensuring a transformative journey towards professional excellence.

Team Coaching: Enhancing Team Dynamics and Performance. Our team coaching focuses on improving communication, collaboration, and collective performance, aligning team dynamics with organisational objectives for optimal results.
Executive and Leadership Coaching: Cultivating Strategic Leadership. Our executive coaching is tailored for high-level professionals, focusing on strategic thinking, leadership skills, and personal growth, driving impactful organisational change.
Career and Performance Coaching: Facilitating Career Growth and Adaptability. Our career and performance coaching enhances individual performance, career progression, and personal development, guiding professionals through transitions and organisational changes.
RESILIGENT's precise strategies have been instrumental in our rapid development. The expert understanding and carefully crafted solutions tailored to our unique needs, have set a new standard for excellence.
CEO, Kedari Capital,
RESILIGENT's solutions have left a lasting impact on our organization. The marriage of data analysis and human insights created bespoke strategies that not only accelerated our growth but also provided enduring solutions to our challenges. -
CEO, Fenchurch Group,
RESILIGENT Designed and delviered a Change Leadership programme for us in the UK. It was hands down the best trainign program we have hava attended. The approach, delivery and logistics were top notch- Leadership Central Bank of Nigeria
Senior Manager, CBN,
"Remi has been my coach for over three years; I find he has a natural ability to get me past any issues or stumbling blocks I might face on my career path. I find him a safe and trusted pair of hands. Working with Remi does not feel any different from discussing with a friend, yet he gets the job done in a professional manner."
CEO Boutique Investment Management Firm,
"I did not understand executive coaching until I started working with Remi. He has a natural ability to get to the crux of the matter while also being able to apply skills and tools to guide his approach."
Senior Manager Professional Services ,
"Remi is my go-to sounding board for anything professional for me. His strategic vision allows him to make what seems complex to me clear and unimposing. I work with Remi twice a month and look forward to our sessions.".
Compliance Officer - Banking,

Introducing the iMPACT© Coaching Model: A Blueprint for Transformation, Conceived by RESILiGENT's Founder.

Unveiling iMPACT©, a bespoke, end-to-end coaching model that is the brainchild of RESILiGENT’s founder. Crafted with precision, iMPACT© is purpose-built to escort individuals to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

The iMPACT© Model is bifurcated into two integral segments: Insight and Action.

INSIGHT is an odyssey of self-discovery:

  • Identity (I): Commence with exploring self-identity, understanding who you perceive yourself to be, and unravelling its implications on your career trajectory.
  • Map (M): Traverse your mental cartography, discerning how your worldview moulds your perspectives and influences your decisions.
  • Personality (P): Delve into your innate traits through incisive assessments, charting the foundation for transformative actions.

ACTION is your strategic assault on goals:

  • Answers (A): Acquiring Clarity and Solutions – Here, we empower you to pinpoint the optimum avenues to achieving your objectives.
  • Change (C): Inception of Transformation – Together, we architect and execute the requisite alterations to bring your aspirations to fruition.
  • Test (T): The Crucible of Change – Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning ensure the metamorphosis aligns with your desired outcomes.

The iMPACT© Coaching Model is your all-encompassing toolkit for seizing the reins of your career and personal life. With iMPACT©, you are the sculptor of your destiny.



A proprietary end-to-end coaching model developed around the science of the human mind and over 2000 hours of coaching experience.

Research Based

Developed as an output of research conducted for a Master in Coaching from two of the top business Schools in Europe.


Assists in creating self-awareness and delivers practical and measurable results.


Coach the whole person – Solution focused yet all-encompassing.

Coaching offerings for corporates

We help you as an organisation build an in-house coaching competency, whether providing certified coaches, building your coaching models, or managing coaching as a service. We can work with you to achieve it.
We can provide leadership development coaching for your staff where required, whether as a remedial initiative or a talent growth strategy.
Whether you are trying to benchmark a potential new hire or understand a cultural fit, we provide bespoke assessments and coaching to assist with a more harmonious integration.

Coaching offerings for individuals

Cut down total coaching times with specialist personality assessment tests that help you assess yourself objectively and holistically.
Envision the future and gear yourself towards success with sessions on self-transformation, career building, transition mobility and interview preparation.
Articulate and pursue a personal vision and purpose, which translates to measurable goals and objectives.
Work on unconscious bias, stereotyping, protected characteristics and cultural sensitivity building.
Evaluate and navigate the decision-making process with the right assistance, guidance and mentoring.
Plan, strategise and stay focused on your goals with a trusted, non-biased ear that constantly tests your validity
Building resilience, confronting and building back up from failure. developing inner strength.
Develop the use of emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, while adapting to environments.
Identifying and adapting to inner conflicts, cognitive dissonance and being real with one's self.
Seamless Engagement Across Continents
Virtual Coaching
Acknowledging the significance of flexibility, our coaching approach caters to diverse preferences—face-to-face meetings for a personal touch, phone calls for convenience, and virtual sessions via platforms like Zoom, Webex, or Skype. Globally, our virtual coaching has proven dynamic, building a successful client base across three continents. This expansive reach ensures we seamlessly provide transformative coaching services worldwide, transcending geographical constraints and fostering impactful connections with individuals and organizations.
Leading the Way in Holistic Development with Data and Human Insight" RESILIGENT envisions a future where data intelligence and human understanding merge to foster professional excellence and organisational innovation.
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