Seamlessly Merging Data and Expertise for Impactful Solutions
Blending Data Insight with Human Expertise for Holistic Growth
At RESILIGENT, our mission is to elevate professional agility by integrating data-driven insights with human expertise. We enrich stakeholder value through analytical precision and human acumen, fostering an environment of continuous development and strategic growth.
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Fusing Data and Humanity for Holistic Excellence
Leading the Charge in Data-Driven Professional Development
RESILIGENT envisions a world where the fusion of data intelligence and human insight unlocks unprecedented professional, team, and organisational development potential. We strive to catalyse this transformation, empowering every entity to achieve peak performance and sustainable growth.
Crafting Tailored Strategies for Swift Development
Tailored Strategies for Accelerated Development
RESILIGENT provides services that combine thorough data analysis from personality and psychometric assessments with the nuanced interpretation of human behavior experts, delivering bespoke strategies for swift and effective development.
RESILIGENT's precise strategies have been instrumental in our rapid development. The expert understanding and carefully crafted solutions tailored to our unique needs, have set a new standard for excellence.
CEO, Kedari Capital
RESILIGENT's solutions have left a lasting impact on our organisation. The marriage of data analysis and human insights created bespoke strategies that not only accelerated our growth but also provided enduring solutions to our challenges.
CEO, Fenchurch Group
RESILIGENT Designed and delviered a Change Leadership programme for us in the UK. It was hands down the best trainign program we have hava attended. The approach, delivery and logistics were top notch- Leadership Central Bank of Nigeria
Senior Manager, CBN
"Remi has been my coach for over three years; I find he has a natural ability to get me past any issues or stumbling blocks I might face on my career path. I find him a safe and trusted pair of hands. Working with Remi does not feel any different from discussing with a friend, yet he gets the job done in a professional manner."
CEO, Boutique Investment Management Firm
"I did not understand executive coaching until I started working with Remi. He has a natural ability to get to the crux of the matter while also being able to apply skills and tools to guide his approach."
Senior Manager , Professional Services
"Remi is my go-to sounding board for anything professional for me. His strategic vision allows him to make what seems complex to me clear and unimposing. I work with Remi twice a month and look forward to our sessions.".
Compliance Officer, Banking

Our Core Services

RESILIGENT provides Services that combine thorough data analysis from personality and psychometric assessments with the nuanced interpreation of human behaviour experts delivering bespoke strategies for switf and effective development.

Data-Driven Psychometric Testing

RESILIGENT, certified in Hogan and Gallup assessments and a partner of Everything DiSC®, excels in providing insightful psychometric testing for effective workforce development.

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Expert-Led Coaching Services

RESILIGENT's coaching, led by globally certified professionals, focuses on enhancing leadership and interpersonal skills for individual, team and organisational growth.

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Strategic Organisational Consulting

Offering customised consulting, RESILIGENT specialises in operational efficiency, talent development, and strategic growth for organisational resilience.

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Tailored Training Programs

RESILIGENT's training programs cover leadership, management, and essential business skills, supported by e-learning solutions for comprehensive workforce enhancement.

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Strategic Recruitment

Discover Precision in Talent Acquisition with RESILIGENT's Recruitment Services, where expert insights meet innovative assessment tools to secure your ideal candidates.

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Personal Development Services in Nigeria
Our Professional Growth Tools

The RESILIGENT Growth Suite

Empowering Progress
In today's dynamic professional landscape, growth is not just an aspiration but a necessity. At RESILIGENT, we've curated a comprehensive Growth Suite to propel both individuals and organisations towards unparalleled success:


Recruitment Assistance: Facilitated using tools like Hogan's Assessments and Everything DiSC Assessments.

Talent Development: Encompasses Training and both Individual & Team Coaching to nurture and grow talent within the organisation

Building a Diverse Culture: Achieved through Diversity & Inclusion Workshops and Cultural Sensitivity Training.

Facilitating Change: Supported by Change Management Workshops and Organisational Strategy, Sustainability and Organisational Consulting to ensure smooth transitions and adaptability.

Professional Coaching
Bespoke Training
Personality Assessments
Best In Class Consulting

Professional Coaching, Bespoke Training, Personality Assessments, Best In Class Consulting

Are You Ready to Unlock Unparalleled Growth? Dive into a world of possibilities with RESILIGENT. Whether you're charting a personal development path, seeking expert consulting, or aiming to elevate your team's potential, we're here to guide every step. Leading the Way in Holistic Development with Data and Human Insight. RESILIGENT envisions a future where data intelligence and human understanding merge to foster professional excellence and organisational innovation.
Leading the Way in Holistic Development with Data and Human Insight" RESILIGENT envisions a future where data intelligence and human understanding merge to foster professional excellence and organisational innovation.
Data-Driven Psychometric Testing
Personalised Insights Powered by Everything DiSC®
One of the exclusive Authorised Everything DiSC® Partners in Africa, RESILIGENT stands at the forefront of professional development and training. Our expertise in Everything DiSC® empowers us to provide exceptional training and certification programmes, tailored to the diverse needs of the African market. We specialise in harnessing the power of DiSC® assessments to enhance workplace communication, leadership, and team dynamics, offering transformative benefits that drive organisational growth and personal development. Trust RESILIGENT to be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your team with globally recognised and locally adapted solutions.

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