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RESILIGENT: A Decade of Excellence in Transformation

RESILIGENT: A Decade of Excellence in Transformation. Since 2010, RESILIGENT has been at the forefront of personal and organisational development, initially rooted in the financial services sector. With a blend of industry expertise and innovative approaches, we have expanded our reach globally, offering a suite of services that embody our commitment to transformative change. Our UK and Nigeria offices serve as hubs for our international operations, delivering excellence across Europe and Africa.

Our Mission: At RESILIGENT, our mission is to drive transformative change by integrating data-driven insights with human expertise. We are dedicated to enriching professional, team, and organisational agility, offering a unique blend of services that include people development, management training, coaching, and consulting. Our approach is designed to foster continuous development and strategic growth, enhancing value at every level of stakeholder engagement.

Our Vision: RESILIGENT envisions a world where the fusion of data intelligence and human insight unlocks unprecedented professional, team, and organisational development potential. We strive to catalyse this transformation, empowering every entity to achieve peak performance and sustainable growth in an ever-evolving landscape.

RESILIGENT sets itself apart through strategic partnerships with organisations such as Everything DiSC® the International Coaching Federation, Chartered Management Institute, and industry Certifications from the likes of Gallup, and Hogan Assessments. Our global presence is bolstered by these alliances, enhancing our ability to offer cutting-edge solutions. Our team comprises of oaches with certifications from at least one of the top 3 coaching regulatory bodies, each bringing over 15 years of senior management to C-suite level experience. This rich tapestry of expertise and global insights ensures we deliver tailored, impactful solutions to our diverse clientele.

RESILIGENT is dedicated to redefining the landscape of individual, team, and organisational development. By marrying cutting-edge analytical insights with deep human intelligence and comprehensive training, we aim to enhance value across all levels of stakeholder engagement.

Our proprietary iMPACT© Coaching Model

A proprietary end-to-end coaching model developed around the science of the human mind and over 2000 hours of coaching experience.

Research Based
Developed as an output of research conducted for a Masters in Coaching from two of the top business Schools in Europe

Assists in creating self-awareness and delivers practical and measurable results..

Coach the whole person – Solution focused yet all encompassing. 

Leading the Way in Holistic Development with Data and Human Insight" RESILIGENT envisions a future where data intelligence and human understanding merge to foster professional excellence and organisational innovation.
RESILIGENT's precise strategies have been instrumental in our rapid development. The expert understanding and carefully crafted solutions tailored to our unique needs, have set a new standard for excellence.
CEO, Kedari Capital,
RESILIGENT's solutions have left a lasting impact on our organization. The marriage of data analysis and human insights created bespoke strategies that not only accelerated our growth but also provided enduring solutions to our challenges. -
CEO, Fenchurch Group,
RESILIGENT Designed and delviered a Change Leadership programme for us in the UK. It was hands down the best trainign program we have hava attended. The approach, delivery and logistics were top notch- Leadership Central Bank of Nigeria
Senior Manager, CBN,
"Remi has been my coach for over three years; I find he has a natural ability to get me past any issues or stumbling blocks I might face on my career path. I find him a safe and trusted pair of hands. Working with Remi does not feel any different from discussing with a friend, yet he gets the job done in a professional manner."
CEO Boutique Investment Management Firm,
"I did not understand executive coaching until I started working with Remi. He has a natural ability to get to the crux of the matter while also being able to apply skills and tools to guide his approach."
Senior Manager Professional Services ,
"Remi is my go-to sounding board for anything professional for me. His strategic vision allows him to make what seems complex to me clear and unimposing. I work with Remi twice a month and look forward to our sessions.".
Compliance Officer - Banking,